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vrijdag 25 januari 2013

A couple of weeks ago, my little sister and I were talking about things we definitely wanted to do in our life’s. When I told her that I would like to make a road trip through America she said she wanted that too. So that moment we decided to make a trip along the west coast of America
within a few years. Although it still takes a long time before we go, we are looking forward to it and we already made a list of places we would like to visit.
And perhaps just as important, I started saving since a flight from the Netherlands to America isn’t that
Besides the
west coast of America, I also would love to go to New York once, so when my older sister told me last week that we really had to go to New York within a few years, of course I couldn’t say no.
But now I have to save twice as much money..
To make the saving some more fun, I bought a new piggy bank, it has a print of New York, so every time I have some money to put in there, it will remain me to the trip I’m going to make.

As you can see it says forever 21, which is my favorite shop. Even when there is no Forever 21 in the Netherlands yet. But I hope there will be one soon.
Actually, I think it’s pity that I have to open it at some point, because I think it’s a super cute little box. But at the end I have to because otherwise, I can’t take the plane. I'm already excited!
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donderdag 24 januari 2013

I’ve been following some bloggers on the internet as well on youtube for quite a while now and they really inspired me.
So today I decided to start my own blog and maybe I can inspire other girls with my thoughts, photo’s and just things I say.

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