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dinsdag 30 april 2013

Queen's day 2013

I think a lot of people who read this already know, but today was a really special day for almost every Dutch person.
Our queen Beatrix, did abdication in favor of her son, prince Willem-Alexander. So from now on it is princess Beatrix and King Willem-Alexander.

We were celebrating queen’s day for many years on April 30but from next year it will be moved to
April 27 and it will no longer be called queen’s day but king’s day, wow that sounds weird…
Actually the celebrating starts the night before queen’s day with the queen’s night, unfortunately I had a late shift yesterday and an early one this morning, so I couldn’t celebrate queen’s night this year. But I did celebrate our last queen’s day and the abdication. It was a nice abdication and a beautiful first speech from our new king!  
BTW I think our new queen Maxima looked amazing in her royal blue dress and cape from Jan Taminau.

Really different than all the orange people

Thank you Beatrix!

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