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woensdag 24 april 2013

Spring and internship

Yeay spring is finally coming to my country! The sun is shining so I took a terrace with a friend of mine, I'm not pretty shure if you say it like that in English, but this is how we say it in Dutch.. It made us really happy, because we definitely needed some sun and warmth after so many rainy days..
But besides enjoying the sun I made a decision that might change my life, or not. Well, I used to be very shy and insecure, but today I have sent my school a motivation letter for an internship abroad! I’m so excited and I really hope they approve it and that I get the opportunity to work placement in... London. Even if it’s not sure if they let me go and it’s far away, because the possibility for an abroad internship is in my last year, which is in two years, i’m already nervous. I started looking for a place to do my internship, but it’s not as easy as I hoped.. Well like I said if I’m going, I’m going in two years, so a have almost two years left to find a good place.

Is there anyone doing an internship in Londen right now? Or living there? I would love to hear how it’s to live there.

And if you’re thinking ohw how sad nobody is replying, that’s right haha 

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