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dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Beautygloss Party 2013

It's been more than a week ago, but i've been to a verry nice beauty event, where I want to tell you about.
This beauty event was powerd bij Andrélon styling and like the name says it was all about beauty.
It started at 12.00 in de Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, Amsterdam is always a good place by the way!

So me and two of my sisters took the train to Amsterdam. There was so much to do. In the main hall was a well known Dutch hairstylist who gave tips about taking care of your hair. But there were also many diffrent stands, with for excample make-up brands like; Rimmel and Inglot. You could let your nails paint by Sally Hansen. Make your hair looks nice at the AndrĂ©lon or Remington stand. But you could also do some shopping at Dr. van der Hoog, Givenchy, Enchantra and Glossybox. Besides the main hall there was a second hall, this one was a bit smaller, but even here was a lot to do. SHE Energy gave a cocktail workshop, Lush (my new fevorite brand) was giving hand massages, you could let your eyebrows waxed at The Waxbar and furthur you could do a lot of shopping in here, at the BB Cream shop, ByBG, 
  Lush, Mynewbag, LOOkX, Embryolisse, Mario Badescu, OK by Me and many other brands.
Well I had a lot of fun with my sisters, I did buy me some new beauty products and at the end we even got a goodiebag. I've never had a goodiebag before so this was quite nice!
We didn't decide yet but I think we are going again next year and I can really recommend it!


Lush was one of present the brands

My first goodiebag

some of lovely new products I bought 

 Sorry for the bad quallity of the pictures I took them with my phone..


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