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maandag 3 juni 2013

dip dye

I started to dye my hair when I graduated from highschool 4 years ago. I always dyed it brown because, it fits my face and it is close to my own hair color. But now I decided I want something else. I saw an amazing picture on the internet of someone who dip dyed her hair pink and from the first moment I saw it I thought I want my hair like this.

But when I thought about it, I realized that first it wouldn’t fit my personality since I am quite introvert and second I just didn’t tought I would fit me. So I choose something else, something more accessible and easier to combine with my clothes. It turned out to be the blonde dip dye. I used L’orĂ©al preference for brown hair and dyed it myself, well actually my mom dyed it for me, but I did it at home. We were a bit nervous because we dyed our whole hair before, but we never tried the dip dye. However, it turned out to look quite good, even though I dyed it over my old dye so my hair didn’t became really blonde. I am content with it!        
after                                                  before

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