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zondag 7 juli 2013

My favorites: summer nail polish

When I decided to write this blog a couple days ago, the weather wasn’t like it has to be. It was cloudy and cold. Thankfully, it became better the sun is shining and the last two days were really warm. Perfect weather for some summer nails! I like to paint my nails, but because of my job in a hospital i can’t wear nailpolish L. So i’m not wearing it very often lately, but if I do i love to paint them in cute summer colors. For the summer of 2013 these are my favorites.      

1. essie apple mint Candy. This cute soft and satiny smooth mint nail polish is so nice.

2. essie Lilacism.  I think this elegant and satiny smooth lilac nail polish is particulary beautiful

3. impulss 018. I don’t really like yellow nail polish, but i think this one is nice. It is not really a bright color more a bit like honey.. yeah it depends on what kind of honey you use..

4. safari 404. This soft blue nail polish is a really nice pastel color for this summer.

5. impulss 024.  This nail polish has a subtle micro shimmer and looks super pretty.


I would like to try some new colors, so what is your favorite nail polish this summer?  

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