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woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Hello August!

New month new opportunities. For me it’s just another month of working, we have had 7 days in august and I worked 6 of them.. But at the end i’ve got the money J
But since july is over, I wanted to share my July favourites.

I bought the watch almost a year ago, but I didn’t wear it a lot, because I tought it was more a summer color. So that’s why I just started wearing it, and it turns out to be perfect for summer!

Since I started to wear my hair down, about 6 years ago, I always found it boring to just leave it like that. So I wear my hair different almost everyday. Sometimes I just leave it down, but i’m also often wearing a braid a bun or I’m putting a bow in my hair. But lately I like the hair accessories like, scarfs and bando’s. I think the flower bando is really cute. And the scarf keeps my air out of my face.

I like to try different mascara’s and at this moment, the one by one volume express by mabelline is my favorite. The XXXL shine lipgloss in sparkling papaya by essence, is just a beautiful lipgloss. It gives my lips a gorgeous, pampered look and an amazing shine.
I only used the nailpolish once, because in my job I can’t wear nailpolish, but I loved it. especially for a special occasion.

My last favorite is the pure balance seasand peeling by AOK. I’ve never heard of this brand before, and I didn’t know if it was a good peeling. But I really needed a new one and in the shop this was the only one I wanted to try so I bought me this peeling. And it turned out to be great, like the name says it’s a seasand peeling and well it is the structure is just like really soft sand and I love it. 

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