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maandag 26 augustus 2013

If all my make-up disappeared

Today I was wondering which make-up i would pick up first if I wake up one day and all make-up is gone. So these are the 5 items I would pick up first. I decided to only choose between items I am actually using at the moment. 

1. Foundation, maybelline fit me. I don’t always use foundation, but it would be the first thing i would buy.

2. Concealer, catrice camouflage cream. A concealer is always good to have. I use it almost everyday, even without foundation.

3. Mascara, maybelline the one by one volume express mascara. Mascara just adds so much more to your face

4. Blush, catrice defining blush. Just to give my cheeks a little more color

5. Lipgloss, essence xxl shine. This one is really lovely and gives my make-up the finishing touch   

It was kinda hard because 5 items are not that much.. but for me these are the most important

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