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zaterdag 14 september 2013

For some of you this post seems a bit late, but I just went back to school last Monday so it isn’t really.
School isn’t always my favorite thing of the year, but well I have to go like at least 40 weeks so I have to make the best of it.
either way I am pretty excited since I just started as a fresh intern and till now I really liked it and I already learned a lot.
So here are my back to school, or actually back to my internship essentials. (I have to go to college once a week so I also take them with me then).

1. Backpack. I am using my Eastpak backpack until I have got a locker, because I have to take my clothes with me now. I’ve got this blue one since highschool, I think 5 years now, and I used it ever since.
2. Agenda. It’s always useful for planning school stuff or dates with your friends!
3. Notebook. I am always taking notebooks with me. I think I have like small notebooks in every bag I own, so I can write down everything that’s popping up on my mind.     
4. Disinfectant gel. Just in case you want clean hands before you eat something and there is no place to wash your hands.
5. Hand cream. For nice soft hands! This one from oriflame is so good.
6. Deodorant. nobody wants to smell..
7. Perfume samples. They are way more easy to carry around in your bag instead of a whole bottle. I am using this one from DKNY now.
8. Vaseline. Winter is coming and I want to keep my lips healthy.
9. Gum.
10. Nail file. nothing is as annoying as splits on your nails
11. Face powder. So you look a little decent after a long day at school. Or in between the lessons.
12. And last but not least. A girls emergency bag. I am an intern in a hospital, so I have to wear a white uniform. My biggest fear here, is starting on my period during a service.. Or at school.
I hope you have a nice time at school or college.

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donderdag 5 september 2013

Since I know the Wantworthy site I really love going onto fashion websites and making wishlists.
So because I had to many Shoes I didn’t wore anymore I cleaned up my collection. And that gave me a good excuse for making a new (winter) shoe wishlist.

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zondag 1 september 2013

A simple tank top is some kind of piece that works with almost everyting. But to give it just a little special twist, I decided to twist the straps.

This is what you need:
- a vest or tank top   

- scissors
- needle and thread or a sewing machine

And this is what you have to do:

I used an old vest so first I cut off the arms. To give it some more feminine shape, I also cut off the neckline. 

Than turn the inside out and cut along the shoulder seams. cut the whole seam, so the straps will be seperated.

Now twist the straps a couple times.

You can use a sewing machine or you can use a needle and thread to sew the straps together and create a new seam. 

And now you're ''new'' tank top is ready

I twisted them 2 times, but you can twist them as foten as you want.

If you're going to give it a try, good luck!

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