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maandag 21 oktober 2013

Yes it is really fall now..
So I changed my closet from spring/summer clothes to fall/winter clothes. And with my clothes some other stuff changed too.

Here are my favorites for fall and winter.

Warm Jumpers, scarfs and hats, to keep me warm these cold days. Cozy Socks, nothing more annoying than cold feet. Nail polishes, some darker colors for the darker days.Smelling candles, I really love vanilla and chocolat smelling candles.Lip balm, to keep my lips hydrated, I like the babylips these days. Hot chocolate, I don’t think this needs an explanation!

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dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

This product is on the market for quite a while now, but i never used it before. And because
I ran out of my cleansing gel I needed a new one. After I had spent some time in our ‘’Etos’’ I think it’s similar to ‘‘Boots’’  I decided to give this cleansing gel a go, and since the second product was for free, I also took the tonic. So here is my review about it. They’re both products for people with normal or combination skin which you can use daily. The main active ingredient of this product is the grape extract. The gel is a thick transparent gel. It smells like grape, just like it has to and foams up to leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed The tonic is like a tonic. It looks like water and smells like grape..

This is what Garnier says about the products:
This face wash is supposed to remove impurities as well as traces of make-up in order to reveal a clean and a fresh looking skin.This toner is an ideal daily way to refine and soothe skin. The skin feels softer, supple and soothed.

And this is what I think about it:
The face wash is doing exactly what Garnier says about it. It removes all the impurities as well as the traces of make-up and it leaves my skin clean and fresh. But It also makes my skin a little bit dry, and that is what I don’t really like about the product.
I always use the tonic straight after the face wash and it really does refine and soothe my skin. My skin even doesn’t feel that dry anymore.
So the combination of the face wash and the tonic is great, my skin is feeling really clean even after a couple of hours (without make-up or day cream and stuff).So yeah I think these are really fine products to use on a daily base.

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