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maandag 30 december 2013

With New Year's Eve close, it's time to look back on 2013 and see what 2014 has to offer.

The last few months haven't been easy, actually I think stressful probably sum it up better.

In september I started with my internship and at first I thought it would be very nice and interesting, but it wasn't. It is interesting but after a couple of weeks I started to feel sad, exhausted and a bit lost. Thankfully one of my best friend was there to support me!

But, beside the sad moments I also have a lot of great and beautyful memories.

1. In january my little sister and I decided out of the blue that we would love to make a trip to the US. We didn't make serious plans, but earlier this month we booked the trip, so next summer we are going to America :)

2. In february I started with a really nice internship with people with a mental impairment. I learned so much about communication

3. In may I went on a short vacation to Crete, I really needed to relax and ofcourse the sun. I've had my first real greek salad and thanks to that I like to put feta in all my salads 

4. In the the same month I also got permission to arrange an internship in London. It is hard to find something but I keep looking.

5. By coincidence I met tatcherjoe and mynameschai when they were in Amsterdam!

6. My internship didn't turned out what I hoped, but I met some great fellow students and we are having a lot of fun together.

7. Despite the bad moments my best friend has always been there for me. And I am really grateful for that!

For me 2013 had some good times and bad, but overall I am quite happy with the last year. At the other side I am also ready for 2014!

How was your 2013? Did you have a good year?


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woensdag 18 december 2013

Yesterday I had my last training day for the holidays and now I have almost three! weeks off :)
This doesn't only mean that I do not have to get up super early, but it also mean that I can wear nail polish again.
I'm the kind of girl who always has her nails painted, but since I am an intern at a hospital I just can't.
Because I can not wear nail polish, I also didn't bought it lately so it's time to buy me some new festive colors. So for this I made ​​a wishlist of colors that I think are really pretty for this time of the year.

1. Make up store: Asun €18,95


2. Ciaté: Jewellery box €16,95

3. hotmakeup: golden drops €7,95


4. O.P.I: Ckick flick cherry €12,70


5. Miss Sporty: Oh my gem 005 €1,99


5.O.P.I Pure 18k white gold & silver top coat. €41,07


This last one is kind of expensive for a student like me. So this one is not going to be in my collection, but it still think is a very pretty color.

These are some of my favorites these days, what are your favorites? I would love to have some inspiration. 


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woensdag 11 december 2013

I've always been loving december, so there is no way this month is not going to be awesome.
Since it is already december, i would love to share my november favorites with you.

The first two things i've loved are my primark hat, from the male's section and my coat from bershka.
It isn't so cold during the day yet. but since i am leaving my house really early in the morning i love wearing a hat, because it is cold at the time i am leaving.

No, that's not my best picture haha

 Beside that i've been loving my apple/cinnamon smelling candles 

Another favorite thing last month and actually I still love it. Are my cacao body butter and scrub from the Body shop, they smell as it says like cacao
 and if I use it in the morning I still can smell it when I have worked the whole day.. 

A lot of good Music came out lately, but in november I listend to timber by Pitbull and ke$ha a lot. It always makes me wanna dance. 

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zondag 8 december 2013

Christmas is comming fast, so i decided to put everything I like into a Christmas wishlist. Maybe it gives you some inspiration to put on your own wishlist.

from the left to the right:
Urban Decay, Naked Palette 1
The fault in our stars by John Green
Nikon, 18-300 lens
Micheal Kors, watch
Nars, blush
Pretty little liars, season 1,2 and 3
River island, purse
Tickets to Sochi 2014
Infinity bracelet
Frends, Layla headphone
MAC, watch me shimmer lipstick
OPI, red nail polish
YSL, peach passion lipstick
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zondag 1 december 2013

December only just arrived and we didn’t even celebrate sinterklaas yet (Sinterklaas is a national holiday in The Netherlands comparable with Christmas). But I already did decorated my room a bit more Christmassy.
I love smelling candles, but I only have smelling tea lights..So for the first DIY I used, a ''normal'' big candle which I let burn for a while until there was a small hole where the tea light fits in perfectly.

For the first DIY
You will need: 
a candle

I used a star and a heart but you can use whatever figure you want.
Draw or print your figure on a piece of paper and cut it out.
Use some tape to fasten your paper on the candle and use the glue to smear the cut out part of the paper.
Sprinkle some glitter over the glue and let it dry for a while.

To make sure the glitter will stay in place and your room will not be all messy with the glitters, you can spray some hairspray on it to fixate the glitters.

The second DIY did my mom make so I don't have any pictures about how you make it.
But I will try to explain.

She used a frame and painted it grey. Then she took two Christmas Tree pendants and used a pushpin to fixate the pendants at the back of the frame.

Did anybody made some christmas DIY? or do you have some ideas of DIY's I can make? 

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