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zondag 1 december 2013

DIY Christmas room decorating

December only just arrived and we didn’t even celebrate sinterklaas yet (Sinterklaas is a national holiday in The Netherlands comparable with Christmas). But I already did decorated my room a bit more Christmassy.
I love smelling candles, but I only have smelling tea lights..So for the first DIY I used, a ''normal'' big candle which I let burn for a while until there was a small hole where the tea light fits in perfectly.

For the first DIY
You will need: 
a candle

I used a star and a heart but you can use whatever figure you want.
Draw or print your figure on a piece of paper and cut it out.
Use some tape to fasten your paper on the candle and use the glue to smear the cut out part of the paper.
Sprinkle some glitter over the glue and let it dry for a while.

To make sure the glitter will stay in place and your room will not be all messy with the glitters, you can spray some hairspray on it to fixate the glitters.

The second DIY did my mom make so I don't have any pictures about how you make it.
But I will try to explain.

She used a frame and painted it grey. Then she took two Christmas Tree pendants and used a pushpin to fixate the pendants at the back of the frame.

Did anybody made some christmas DIY? or do you have some ideas of DIY's I can make? 

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