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woensdag 11 december 2013

Hello December

I've always been loving december, so there is no way this month is not going to be awesome.
Since it is already december, i would love to share my november favorites with you.

The first two things i've loved are my primark hat, from the male's section and my coat from bershka.
It isn't so cold during the day yet. but since i am leaving my house really early in the morning i love wearing a hat, because it is cold at the time i am leaving.

No, that's not my best picture haha

 Beside that i've been loving my apple/cinnamon smelling candles 

Another favorite thing last month and actually I still love it. Are my cacao body butter and scrub from the Body shop, they smell as it says like cacao
 and if I use it in the morning I still can smell it when I have worked the whole day.. 

A lot of good Music came out lately, but in november I listend to timber by Pitbull and ke$ha a lot. It always makes me wanna dance. 

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  1. Can't believe it's December already!! :0 I just found your blog and it's really cute- I'm now following you!

    If you're interested, follow me back!

  2. Follower# 4
    Lovely Blog :)
    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
    Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D
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  3. Lovely blog, I love that song too! Follow for a follow?


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