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woensdag 18 december 2013

lovely nail polishes

Yesterday I had my last training day for the holidays and now I have almost three! weeks off :)
This doesn't only mean that I do not have to get up super early, but it also mean that I can wear nail polish again.
I'm the kind of girl who always has her nails painted, but since I am an intern at a hospital I just can't.
Because I can not wear nail polish, I also didn't bought it lately so it's time to buy me some new festive colors. So for this I made ​​a wishlist of colors that I think are really pretty for this time of the year.

1. Make up store: Asun €18,95


2. Ciaté: Jewellery box €16,95

3. hotmakeup: golden drops €7,95


4. O.P.I: Ckick flick cherry €12,70


5. Miss Sporty: Oh my gem 005 €1,99


5.O.P.I Pure 18k white gold & silver top coat. €41,07


This last one is kind of expensive for a student like me. So this one is not going to be in my collection, but it still think is a very pretty color.

These are some of my favorites these days, what are your favorites? I would love to have some inspiration. 


2 opmerkingen:

  1. nice selection of nail polishes there! I would definitely love to try out ciate too if i get a chance (it's a bit pricey for me at the moment)!

    Check out my outfit post featuring Breaking Rocks Clothing :)
    RASSP blog

    1. thank you! same here haha. it's also a bit pricey for me :(


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