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zaterdag 4 januari 2014

I started this blog almost a year ago, but I never really introtroduced myself. I wanted you to now who I am, so  here are 25 facts about me: 

1. My name is Jilldau

2. I have two older sisters and one younger one

3. I used to skate in competition (longtrack). Unfortunately I had to make the decision to quit the competitions last year because of a bad back injury. 

4. So I used to be an ice skater, but I am totally not made for cold.. (but I love snow)

5. I am a student, going to college to become a nurse

6. A grew up on a farm and I love animals.

7. I live in Groningen now, but I still love to go to my parents home (the farm)

8. London is my favorite city and I would love to live there one day.

9. I am extremely afraid to disappoint people, which results in that I am often disappointing myself.

10. I hate being late, so most of the time I am way to early

11. I like traveling

12. I love the sun, it always makes me happy :)   

this is my little sister. I am the left one

13. I am quite shy when I first met people and somethimes when I met them twice..

14. I have to wear glasses (or contacts) since I've got one really bad eye

15. Besides being a student I am working as an iceskating instructor and as an nutrition assistant in a hospital.

16. I am addicted to music, which means, I am always singing. And by always I mean when I am alone, because my singing is really bad.

17. I still use my 6 years old ipod for listening to music and the only ''normal'' music on my phone is my ringtone.  

18. I always have ringtones that are never played on the dutch radio, so I know immediatly that I receive a call. But the weird thing, when I receive a call, is that I always think, Oo how nice,  they play this song on the radio.. 

19. My favourite subjects at school were: history and P.E. 

20. My favourite TV serie is Pretty little liars

21. I can't sit in our living room without having the TV on. Even when I am watching a movie on my laptop, it's on, without sound ofcourse.

22. I am extremely clumsy, it gave me some scars when I was little, but I think for others it looked funny.

23. Sometimes I can be very defensive, but actually I use it like a wall.

24. I never make promises if I am not 100% positive I will keep them. Promises are there to be broken and I will never brake a promise.

25. I am afraid of spiders, clowns and to get lost :(

So there are 25 facts about me! I hope you found this post interesting!

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woensdag 1 januari 2014

It's a new year, time to start again. Time to stop thinking about what you're going to do and start doing it.
Forget about what happened in 2013 and move on, you only have one life and it's time to make the most of it!

I made some resolutions for 2014 and this time I will make sure that I will accomplish them

1. Stop thinking negative thoughts  and start believing in myself

I always see the good things in other people, so why not in myself. Due some occurrences in the past

and since i am really sensitive, I lost my confidence and it holds me back in almost everything. So in 2014 I will do things slightly different don't listen to her to much and start to believe more in myself.
2. don't dwell on the past

I hate ''what if's'' but.. I use them all the time and ofcourse I only use them in the bad memories. In 2014 I will stop using the ''what if'' and start learning from the past

3. enjoy the little things in life more

With this one I started in 2013, I liked it so I will keep doing this.

4. laugh more and cry less

Like I said earlier I am sensitive and I am the kind of girl that cries about everything I hate talking about my feelings because most of the time I start crying, but there are more things I cry about. A good movie, I cry a really bad movie, I also cry. If someone in real life cries, I cry and if someone with a really good story cries on tv, I will also cry..  So it's simple I will try to cry less and laugh more, because laughing is fun.

5. Say more yes, and less no

I often say no against the things I like and yes to the things others expect from me. By saying more yes I hope I can take more opportunities and meet new people!

To start with resolution 3, thank you all for reading and following my blog and for the comments. I really enjoy the writing for my blog and it means so much to me that you like te stuff that I post.

Happy new year!

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