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zaterdag 4 januari 2014

25 facts about me!

I started this blog almost a year ago, but I never really introtroduced myself. I wanted you to now who I am, so  here are 25 facts about me: 

1. My name is Jilldau

2. I have two older sisters and one younger one

3. I used to skate in competition (longtrack). Unfortunately I had to make the decision to quit the competitions last year because of a bad back injury. 

4. So I used to be an ice skater, but I am totally not made for cold.. (but I love snow)

5. I am a student, going to college to become a nurse

6. A grew up on a farm and I love animals.

7. I live in Groningen now, but I still love to go to my parents home (the farm)

8. London is my favorite city and I would love to live there one day.

9. I am extremely afraid to disappoint people, which results in that I am often disappointing myself.

10. I hate being late, so most of the time I am way to early

11. I like traveling

12. I love the sun, it always makes me happy :)   

this is my little sister. I am the left one

13. I am quite shy when I first met people and somethimes when I met them twice..

14. I have to wear glasses (or contacts) since I've got one really bad eye

15. Besides being a student I am working as an iceskating instructor and as an nutrition assistant in a hospital.

16. I am addicted to music, which means, I am always singing. And by always I mean when I am alone, because my singing is really bad.

17. I still use my 6 years old ipod for listening to music and the only ''normal'' music on my phone is my ringtone.  

18. I always have ringtones that are never played on the dutch radio, so I know immediatly that I receive a call. But the weird thing, when I receive a call, is that I always think, Oo how nice,  they play this song on the radio.. 

19. My favourite subjects at school were: history and P.E. 

20. My favourite TV serie is Pretty little liars

21. I can't sit in our living room without having the TV on. Even when I am watching a movie on my laptop, it's on, without sound ofcourse.

22. I am extremely clumsy, it gave me some scars when I was little, but I think for others it looked funny.

23. Sometimes I can be very defensive, but actually I use it like a wall.

24. I never make promises if I am not 100% positive I will keep them. Promises are there to be broken and I will never brake a promise.

25. I am afraid of spiders, clowns and to get lost :(

So there are 25 facts about me! I hope you found this post interesting!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love London too! And I'm also so clumsy.. this was really interesting! xx

  2. Cute blog! New follower over here, I can't wait to read some more of your posts.



    1. Thank you! It is always nice to hear people like it :)



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