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zondag 30 maart 2014

My favourites: blogs

For my research I am spending a lot of time behind my computer, but after at least 5 hours of research a day I get a little distracted. Which leads to searching a lot online, except for scientific articles and stuff. Most of the time I end up watching vlogs on youtube or reading blogs.

Today I wanted to share my most favorite blogs with you:

1. Emilie Nereng
 This blog is the first I've ever encountered and I follow it since then. Emilie is a norwegian blogger, cheer dancer and singer. She writes in Norwegian so it's difficult to read sometimes but luckily we have google translate :)

2. Tanya Burr
 I think you all already know the lovely Tanya Burr, she blogs about beauty, fashion & lifestyle

and is also known as a youtuber. She posts a lot and I always like to read her posts. 

3. Niomi Smart
  If you follow Tanya Burr on youtube you may also now this girl. Niomi is a fashion & lifestyle blogger. I really like reading her blog since it's giving me inspiration, especially about some more healthy eating.

4. Vera Camilla
 Vera Camilla is a Dutch girl, she also writes her posts in Dutch. It's a blog mostly about beauty, interspersed with columns and blog posts about fashion and lifestyle.

5. Geneva Vanderzeil
 A Pair & A Spare is how-to website for the women who loves to make beautiful things. I like to make things myself and this blog is a great inspiration

Of course I follow a lot of other blogs too, but currently these are my favorites.
Since I like to discover some new ones, what are your favorite blogs?


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