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woensdag 2 april 2014

March favourites

March went by with some beautiful last days. If april will be just as nice, but a little warmer, it would be perfect.
Since March is over I wanted to share my favourites from last month.

1. I start with a nailpolish. This is NGP237 Gentlemen Prefers Red From NYX, it’s a beautiful dark red. For spring and summer it’s quite a dark color, but it was perfect for the past time.

2. In a earlier post I have spoken about the M.A.C. impassioned lipstick. I bought this with the NYX nailpolish and I love it. It’s a
 pinkish coral red color and I think it’s perfect for spring.

3. The 
Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Anti-Klit haarspray is another favourite. I can easily brush my hair right after I used the product, it's really useful. 

4. My Brandy Melville ring is frequently been worn this month.

5. I made the hair bow myself, I like wearing bows or flowers in my hair in the summer.

6. I got the pink scarf (from pieces) last year as a gift from my sister, but I wore it especially the last weeks from march a lot. 

7. And last but not least, my favorite music from last month, this one is from a Dutch singer.
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