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zondag 22 juni 2014

I don't use my fohn, straightener or curling iron as much in summer as in the winter, but it's always important to protect your hair against the heat. A while ago my little sister came home with a product she just bought, she said she really liked it and that I had to buy it too. So obedient as I am, I did and I have to say I am glad she made me buy it.
Here is why:

L'oréal says this product is the first smoothing cream that ensures smooth hair and protects the hair from the heat of your 
straightener or hair dryer up to 230 C.
Thereby will your hair be straight up to 24 hours, will it be shiny and silky and won't it frizz

It's a light and soft cream
I use it on damp hair and than use my hair dryer and flat iron or curling iron.
I am not quite sure if my hair remains straight up to 24 hours by this product or just because I have a great straightener.
But my hair definitely is shiny and silky and it won't frizz. So i am  very happy with the product.

What heat protection product do you like to use?


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woensdag 11 juni 2014

When it comes to mascaras, I have to admit that I'm not a loyal person. As soon as I used one empty, I'll just pop to the store and pick up the one that stands out the most in the €8-€12 price points. As long as it doesn't clump my eyelashes together, I'm happy. I pick up a different one each time and had numerous favourites 

My new mascara is from L’Oréal ParisThe mascara comes in a glossy packaging. Chic and striking, but a  shiny packaging like this is very sensitive to greasy fingers.

The brush has according to L'oreal exceptionally long fibers of less than 4 millimeters and an unique formula to make sure that each lash will be coated. It also has 4 Dimensions of a seductive glance to give your lashes: volume, length, curl and separation from the root to the tip.

The colour is an intense black and the quality of it is nice. Usually, I apply two coats of mascara but this one only required one. It adds length to my lashes and also keeps my lashes separated. It is a nice formula, it doesn't flake off on to your cheeks throughout the day.

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