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vrijdag 26 september 2014

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of cleanser, so I decided to give this clinique 3 step a go. 5 weeks ago I started using it and I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you today.
I used the Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System type 2 for dry combination skin. There are 3 steps 1. cleanse, 2. exfoliate and 3. moisturize. All three steps need to be done twice a day.

Step 1. cleanse. Liquid facial soap mild.
This liquid soap is very soft for my skin I don't feel any form of drought or tightness. I don't even feel like I need some kind of moisturizing cream on my skin immediately after I cleansed it. It really surprised me and  I definitely recommend this if you experience a dry skin.

Step 2. exfoliate. Clarifying lotion.
I think this is the most refreshing product I ever used, it felt like there was a mint garden on my face. It also didn't make my skin dry, so my first opinion was: what an amazing product. But, after a week I started getting bumps on my forehead, which disappeared when I stopped using this clarifying lotion.
A bit pity, but this isn't not a good product for me.

Step 3. moisturize. Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. This is a very light cream that is absorbed by the skin quickly and doesn't contains perfume. It makes my skin feels nice and soft, which makes me not using a day cream every day. 

So some products are amazing, other I bit less amazing but it's quite a good set after all. But if any of you is using a good clarifying lotion or tonic, feel free to comment, since I am looking for an other one.


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maandag 22 september 2014

Today is the first official fall day. This year fall really started like fall.. It's rainy, windy and kinda cold.
Thankfully two of my closest friends and I decided to enjoy the last beautiful day of summer and decided to go out for diner last week.
I went for a light outfit since it was still quite warm when I left home, but I also brought my blazer because it became colder in the evening.
I wore a white blazer from H&M, one of my favorite jeans from an unknown french boutique flats from vision and my shirt and necklace are both from Primark.


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