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woensdag 1 oktober 2014

see them often at weheartit the ‘and that’s who I am’ pictures. Well it appears that there’s a tag with that, a tag that I am doing today. You don’t know me that well, so to get to know me I collected a bunch of images which fit me, and after today you know me a little bit more.
I am a dreamer, I can spend quite some time just daydreaming.
Sometimes I can't even tell them because I am laughing to hard. Also if I want to scare someone, that often goes wrong because  am already chuckling around the corner..
I like to laugh, but sometimes I tense to laugh at inappropriate moments.
I decided to pick ‘i avoid crowds’ instead of ‘I am scared’ or ‘I have anxiety’. I don’t think my anxieties are part of who I am, but are just something that I have. Even though I got a little help with my anxiety I still tend to avoid crowds. Especially going out at night. I like going to the cinemas or grab a terrace, but you hardly never find me in a disco
I like being surrounded by people, but I also like being alone. Go shopping, have lunch or grab a terrace I love doing it with friends or familie, but sometimes I just like being alone and have some peace around me.
I love to sing, the only problem is: I can’t sing at all, but that doesn’t deter me. I sing especially in the car as loud as possible :)

Especially with whipped cream.

I color my hair, but I always stay close to my natural brown color.

I am an extremely emotional person and I cry really easily. For example at a sad movie, when others cry or when I feel sad.

I've loved long car rides since I was a little kid. When I was younger I wanted to become a truck driver.. Well that faded away when I grew older.

I grew up with Harry Potter and still love watching the movies. And I don't think I will ever stop love watching them.

I do have brown eyes.

I rarely get postcards but I love getting them. I also like to pick out and send postcards to others!

And that's who I am, I hope you liked this kind of a post


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