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woensdag 23 maart 2016

(L-R Essence all about cupcake, Essence almost famous, Essence Coral calling, Essence Coral mousse The matte, Teeez Centre ville)

Just like shoes a girl can never have enough lipsticks. In the winter I only use one or two quite neutral colors, I really like the Rimmel Kate matte lipstick in 107, but on others. For me it is just a little to bold.. But now the weather is becoming a bit warmer, I bring back my spring colors. So today I share with you the five most worn lipsticks that I absolutely love having in my makeup collection. It is a bit monotonous, because four lipsticks are from the brand 'essence'. Three of these are matte shades. Matte shades are a bit more long lasting and you want these to last well and with limited smudging. The first two lipsticks both have a sheer glow. The first shade 'all about cupcake' is more of an old pink, a neutral color you barely see, like your lips but better. Almost famous is a light red color, which gives the lips just a little bit more color. Coral calling is a lipstick with a nice, warm coral color. Coral Mousse is a very fresh, summery coral shade with peachy tints. And last but not least Centre ville van Teeez, a coral red color with matte finish.
What is your favourite lipstick?

xx Jill
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woensdag 2 maart 2016

The last thing I needed was an other eyeshadow palette, but since it was only €9,99 I couldn't resist it..
I went for a palette from makeup Revolution, an Englisch brand with good quality products for an affordable price.

The palette contains 32 nude and natural, day and night and shimmer and matte shades. 
It comes in a golden, carton box what gives it a little bit of a luxury feeling. The palette itself is glossy black, which makes fingerprints clearly visible. 
It is a palette with a lot of colors, but it still turns out very easy to hold, 17.5 cm x 10 cm. The mirror has the full width and height of the palette, so in my opinion ideal to use for traveling (you don't have to bring another mirror). 

These are the swatches from the first row, left to right. Paper, Soft glow, Buff, Highlite, Angel, Unlimited, Brew, Silver smok

Almost there, Uncover, Barely pink, Lowlite, Golden night, Gold digger, Cheerless, Blue

Smudge, Shimmer heart, Universal, Copper shimmer, Medal, Darkest shimmer, Tarnish, Black tie

Pure chocolate, Raw, Red night, Molton chocolate, Burgandy nights, Greenstars, CafĂ© noir, Night 

I started using this palette the day I got it and it instantly became my go-to palette. The colors blend in really smoothly and although not all the shades are equally pigmented, they all look beautiful on the eyes.
I love light pinkish shades and the palette has lots of them, my faforites are Uncover, Shimmer heart, 
Golden night and medal.

xx Jill

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