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woensdag 2 november 2016

5 places to eat in New York

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I went to New York for a short trip. We wanted to go for years, but for some reason it never happened, so last september we were really excited we finally would go. Well a girl gotta eat, so before we got on the plane we search the internet for some places to eat. Some of the restaurants we went were truly amazing some a little less, but in the end we have had some amazing meals everyday. So I wanted to try and summarise a few places where we went just incase you’re heading to the Big Apple anytime soon and need any places to eat :)

1. BEC NYC - bacon egg cheese
148 8th avenue chelsea
This was the first place we went to eat breakfast. As a real Dutchie I am used to eat just regular bread with cheese or peanutbutter in the morning. So something with egg and bacon was kinda weird to eat as a breakfast. But, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. It was delicious!      

2. Westway diner
614 9th Ave, manhatten
Another place we went for breakfast was the westway diner. A place with typical American breakfast, like pancakes or scrumbled eggs with bacon. It was amazing! we went here more than once, since we both liked it so much.

3. Roberta's
261 Moore St, Brooklyn
We already read that this place was really popular, so to be sure there was place for us we went a bit early. And we were lucky because half an hour later there was a waiting line. But, I did get the waiting because the pizza was delicious fresh made and oven baked
4. Sylvia's
328 Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem
Over the weekend we met with our former exchange sister (she's American) and her fiancĂ© and they took us to Sylvia's. They told us it was absolutely soul food, so my sister and I were really curious for the food. And since there was a super long waiting line when we left I think there are more people loving the food there. But, eventhough I liked the food, it was not soul food to me. But I guess that's because I think of other, more fresh food as soul food.

5. Le pain quotidien
124 7th Ave, Chelsea
This was the best place for lunch I have ever been, everything was so fresh, delicious, healthy and much, I had eaten almost enough for the rest of the day and flight back home.. 

Do you have any recommendations  for the next time I visit New York?

xx Jill

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